Felt flowers LOVE

I’m the biggest felt lover ever! I could make everything felt if I could­čĄú Here is few of my felt flower makes to get you inspired! Yep, that’s how much I am of a blogger lately:/ apologise! I’ve barely any time to sleep left (which is good complaint) please be patient and I’ll come back … More Felt flowers LOVE

DIY Felt Flamingo garland 

Warning: this post contains lots of pink! Pink and flamingos!­čść It all started when box of prettiness arrived from La petite ├ępicerie  Supplies: Pompoms trimming, Pink felt, White felt, Black felt, Gold paper see you again Happy Crafting  Kasia  *Disclaimer: Although this is not a sponsored post, please note that I am a brand ambassador forLa petite ├ępicerie and receive … More DIY Felt Flamingo garland┬á

DIY Felt Kids Garden

Back to stitching felt.. my favourite relaxing exercise! Oh equally calming as crochetingÔś║´ŞĆ my mum is an absolute garden queen, she plants and grows anything you can imagine.. while me is hardly keeping herbs alive­čśČ I’m sure this is going to be my mums most favourite project of mine so far, teaching toddler a little … More DIY Felt Kids Garden

DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’

She is half-human half-fish and she is half-crochet half-felt­čść and she gave me so much fun while crafting!  DIY Mermaid        Here is VIDEO tutorial part 1 and VIDEO tutorial part 2 I followed to make the amigurumi body (ex. legs obviously­čść)              For the curls I followed: chain, and for second row 2 half double crochet … More DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’

DIY fox clutch bag

  Hello there Gorgeous!                        I was inspired by this month Cute Kitsch theme, Foxy Chic! Giveaway including DIY kit to make this bag is on the way!Ôś║´ŞĆ The Crafty Mummy Blog on Facebook Have a lovely, crafty Sunday! ´ŞĆxxx Kasia