DIY simple home decor idea/calligraphy 

It can’t get any simpler than that! Canvas + felt flowers + black marker 

How to make the felt flowers, I’ve covered it few times on this blog and it can be found HEREHERE, HERE and HERE too😆

Until this DIY I’ve never tried calligraphy, hmm I’m not sure if I should call it calligraphy since I used just a simple black marker with wide flat tip…:) to be honest I didn’t even know where to start and found this super easy TUTORIAL 

My top tip is practice good few times on paper before you start on your actual work…   


felt flowers are glued with glue gun

Don’t you think wedding Mr&Mrs would look lovely in this style?  
doing a light sketch can help too☺️
Hope you enjoyed! Liked the posters in the last pic? They are available to download FREE just CLICK HERE

For those of you who don’t follow my social medias, I’m often sharing an update pic of my cuties.. Theo is turning 6 weeks today!

I’ve got some news too☺️ Crafters Interview feature is coming back very soon! I’ll keep introducing many more talented people!

till next time, 


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