Quiet blanket/quiet book alternative 

I’ve once attempted to make cute girly quiet book, inspired by the success of my NO SEW quiet book which DIY video reached over 44k on YouTube, you can watch it HERE, the girly quiet book was never completed..so I’ve came up with an idea to make Quiet Blanket using the pages I’ve already made. 

Isn’t the blanket better idea than Nintendo etc to keep the little one occupied when you need a quiet time for yourself😆

And here is a VIDEO quiet blanket  or scroll down for pics!

  the yellow part was made using chunkier wool, I don’t recommend using two different ones.. I have ran out of the yellow one and couldn’t wait to carry on.. So I’ve used whatever was available😐

here is a proof of how much I still need to learn about crocheting:/
I don’t stop crocheting😆don’t they say practice makes masters?☺️andI’m loving it!

Thank you for your love on my previous post Crochet Camper



24 thoughts on “Quiet blanket/quiet book alternative 

  1. Wow! What a wonderful idea!! Any little person would love something like this. And it’s also great for a gift! Thanks…now you made me want to make one too 🙂

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  2. I’m not the girly kind of girl, not into pink colour, but this looks so fun, so cute with all its little corners with different things to do. Maybe should make similar for my 2 year old to fiddle in car or somewhere else ( right now she doesn’t seem to play in car with anything though)
    If you didn’t mention your crochet mistake, I would think it was ment to be that way.

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