DIY Fairy Garden

It started of an idea in my head.. I first picked up a small stump on the forest walk, than during another walk robbed some moss (shhh…;)…built a wooden box/planter out of pallets! Order miniatures from eBay, once they arrived I could not wait to start…                                             … More DIY Fairy Garden

DIY bar and stools 

I owed you pictures from the process of making bar and stools! It’s Saturday so I felt it would be perfect day to upload it as I’m just opening a tiny little cider bottle! 😉                                                 🙂             Enjoy your Saturday evening wherever you are!🍻 … More DIY bar and stools 

‘Enjoy life’ DIY sign made of pallets 

Enjoy Life’ and I really mean it!Don’t waste time doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Embrace life. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen! ❤️ K.                                  -wood pieces (left overs from pallets in my case) -letters, stickers from IKEA!👍 -paint (I used gold, magnolia and sea green) -pencil … More ‘Enjoy life’ DIY sign made of pallets