Easter in my tradition 

Today on Easter Sunday – Niedziela Wielkanocna for polish.. we celeabrate starting the day with an early mass and gigantic breakfast that includes food blesses the day before. So yesterday we brought a basket full of food samplings to church to get holly water over it, to get it blessed. And today morning we shared the blessed food with family and friends. Some of the traditional yummies: sour rye soup – żurek, white sausage, ham, vegetables salad, beetroot relish – ćwikła (with plenty of horseradish), Madeira style cake (babka) I also made cheesecake with chocolate mousse, tiramisu, few other salads, homemade tartare sauce, oven baked pork neck and so much more that I can barely move now🙈

…and tomorrow is Wet Monday – Śmigus Dyngus.. we will throw water over each other!😁it’s fun!

Happy Easter to you! Hope you are having wonderful time❤


20 thoughts on “Easter in my tradition 

  1. Interesting! In the USA in my family we also had roast ham on Easter Sunday with lots of desserts (nobody in my family tree was Polish, though). I live in Spain now and Easter Sunday isn’t special because people spend the whole week doing interesting procession things and roast ham is not something people know about. I had no idea people in Poland did the same thing as in my family.

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  2. Wow, looks amazing! We went to church and would normally have a roast for lunch but had to be back to church at 2 to set up for selling tea and cake yo visitors while someone played jazz piano, with improvs on hymns, it was good. Glad you had

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  3. This is such a beautiful blog, I love what you are sharing.
    Your Easter traditions sound amazing…and your photos have left me feeling hungry 🙂


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