Sew a Softie project – CARROT

Hey, it’s been a while!

Although I may seem quite I am busier than ever (have I said that before..?)🙈

This month I took part in Sew a Softie initiative, that’s aims to encourage parents and kids to hand make plushies together. Step away from TV and computer games to spend a bit of quality time!

Every day in the month of July new tutorial for simple Sew a Softie is being posted (list of participants this year Can be found HERE)

Sew a Softie was founded by author, and designer Trixi Symonds. 
My tutorial will walk you through how to hand stitch a FELT CARROT plushie, great to make for kids or with kids.. can also make a fantastic gift idea for the vegetarians or vegans in your family🥕🥕🥕

I went for my favourite blanket stitch, but any will do!
Don’t wait until the end to stuff it, slightly fill with stuffing while stitching
Here is the trickiest part.. you need to make sort of a ‘drawstring’ so when thread is pulled it will close up the carrot part
Make the ‘dimples’ at the end, it’ll make them look more uneven and natural🥕

Hope you enjoyed


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