Smiggle – where smile meets a giggle!

Last week I attended a new fun stationery store opening in Dundrum SC Dublin, Smiggle is an exciting Australian brand. I must be honest and tell you that I’ve not heard of them before, so didn’t really know what to expect. I googled their stuff and knew it was going to be cute, I was actually amazed – it was not only cute but it all smelled nice, most of the stationary stuff is scented! Watermelon pencil case smells like watermelon! Milk carton shaped case smells of strawberry milkshake.. I was actually getting hungry from sniffing..  I did good few laps around the shop, discovering something new every time.. kawaii, emojis, fur notepads, macaroon erasers.. oh and the smell brings back memories, I remember having scented pencil when I was about 10. They run 100 stores across UK and are now taking over Ireland, with plan to open 20 stores in total. Dundrum store was the first ever to open on the emerald island🍀 

Have a look through the pics I snapped on the day..

I was lucky and walked away with a lovely goodie bag, full of boys stuff (someone knew I have two sons:) the last few pics is some of the goodie bag content.. few more things including Coca Cola scented pencils, jelly and candy scented iPhone case were robbed by friends before I managed to snap a pic😆

..I’ll be back soon! Smiggle is going to sort my birthday present dilemmas😁

Thanks Smiggle team for the invite and I wish you best of luck on the Irish market! 

10 thoughts on “Smiggle – where smile meets a giggle!

  1. My daughter loves smiggle and the stationary and lunchboxes are fabulous. Unfortunately their school bags do not stand up to an entire year of use (at least in my house for the second year running), but we forgive them that because of their cool erasers, pencils and other goodies. They have also saved me Christmas shopping headaches more than once.

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  2. Yes, we have them here in Aus. Total sensory overload in those shops! Definitely lots of great gift ideas in there. The problem is deciding!


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