DIY new baby/baby shower card + other gifts 

If there is a baby boom happening within your friends or family and you are struggling to buy all the presents.. Think DIY! Here is a lovely and rather unique card idea that will cost you near to nothing!

So once you have the card sorted, make something extra! 

those nappie/diaper characters will make fun hamper filling

Grab clean (preferably new!) socks to make not use beads if this is going to be baby’s softie to hug (chocking hazard)! Here is a link to DIY Monkey girl or boy

 If you have spare frame or live near Ikea consider making a keepsake frame..for DIY click here Baby frame 

 or an easy taggy lion that are loved by babies! 

Seriously good option is to make a hamper, throw maybe few baby cosmetics to all your handmade things and wrap in nicely with celophane and bow! 

Happy Crafting



I’m here everyday!


27 thoughts on “DIY new baby/baby shower card + other gifts 

  1. OMG, Kasia! Those diaper cards were adorable!! I am actually helping my mom plan a baby shower for my brother’s girlfriend who is bringing a baby girl into the world in December! I will definitely be using these diaper cards. ❤ Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Nic!! You are so lovely!
      And omg re-marrying in Vegas by Elvis lookalike!! Love it!<3 you could get the hubby drunk and trick into it!
      I am excited to the Sunshine Award, I have been tagged yesterday to answer few other question too so once I have that published will happily do this!!! Thanks again xxx

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