What I DIYed for our Wedding Anniversary + my gown 

Me and the hubby happily made it to our 7th Wedding Anniversary! He gets on my nerves a lot, but he is also one of the funniest creatures I know and I would marry him again without a doubt! 

I was nearly 21 when we got married and I guess wanted to be a little different and decided not to go for white dress, I found amazing seamstress who made the dress just as I’ve designed it and I loved it then..not so sure now☺️ sadly the lovely woman who made it for me past away a year after my wedding due to breast cancer:-( I always say Hi! Looking up there to the heavens when I look back at my wedding pics…

Having a crafty wife means you are getting handmade gifts for all the possible occasions..! Either you like it or not 😀 we never buy each other expensive presents, it’s usually something small like chocolates, something funny or meaningful.. Or we put the money away for bigger things like holidays etc. So this year I made him a little felt pouch filled with cards containing english words which he doesn’t know yet (I hoped he didn’t know them when I was making the pressie and it turned out I was 90% right). The pouch has two pockets, so once he has practiced and repeated the words to the stage he knows the word, he can throw them into the second pocket and I’ll replace them with new cards! He knows english quiet well now that he can communicate easily but he often complains that he is still lacking many words.. So the present was a hit and he jumped straight into studying! 🙂

Oh and I got big tub of Ben&Jerry Caramel Chew Chew..! This is how easy you can please me.. Ice Creams!

and.. I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t bake cookies..ok these were GIANT cookies to be precise! 😉 and the recipe is mix flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder and butter using your hands oy… The topping is butter, cream, sugar and mix of seeds heated up in a pot.. Don’t ask me how much of what as I have no clue! I rarely measure the ingredients:/  I usually go with the flow in the kitchen! LoL:) that is why this blog won’t teach you much about cooking or baking…

They were yum and gone within 2 hours!

I’m going back to work now which means sewing tiny owls!

Love xxx


6 thoughts on “What I DIYed for our Wedding Anniversary + my gown 

  1. Congratulations on your 7th wedding anniv! I wish you many, many more to come 🙂 Your dress was absolutely gorgeous, and you looked stunning in it ❤ I love the thought of inexpensive yet thoughtful or funny gifts. I think it's more personal that way and more fun to look for or create 🙂

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