DIY Pompom Sandals 

DIY PomPom Sandals  This post should probably be called ‘Pinterest made me do it’😂 My holidays are only a memory now, but I am hoping to inspire other crafty creatives to do it if you are lucky enough to live in a paradise or heading to sunny place soon☀️  I got a pair of unexpensive … More DIY Pompom Sandals 

My week in pictures

I love documenting my week in pictures! This is what blogs are for☺️ sort of journal, I think I’ll love looking back in few years time.. Posted CROCHET Coasters Free Pattern If missed it☺️ I’ve called all crafters/DIYers who would like to be featured on The Crafty Mummy Blog! It’s an idea of new series on the … More My week in pictures

DIY crochet camper/camping log

I’ve previously admitted being addicted to crocheting☺️ I’m still very new to this craft, can’t read patterns yet but love following YouTube video tutorials! This project is definitely my biggest crochet challenge so far.. Unfortunately I didn’t have any patterns, I’ve freestyled using my imagination only☺️ Hope you’ll like it!                         … More DIY crochet camper/camping log

DIY weaved dreamcatcher 

I’ve promised to deliver the DIY for this yarn dreamcatcher before I deliver my baby☺️and I just made it! I’m having mild irregular contractions while writing this post! Yes!  Ouch.. There is another one, I’m switching wordpress app to contractions tracker app😂madness…                                                

DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’

She is half-human half-fish and she is half-crochet half-felt😆 and she gave me so much fun while crafting!  DIY Mermaid        Here is VIDEO tutorial part 1 and VIDEO tutorial part 2 I followed to make the amigurumi body (ex. legs obviously😆)              For the curls I followed: chain, and for second row 2 half double crochet … More DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’

DIY crochet Kawaii Cup/Mug FREE pattern 

We are loving Kawaii over at Cute Kitsch! I’m still beginner at crocheting, so the cup is a basic pattern but it doesn’t take any cuteness away!☺️ DIY Kawaii teacup!                   CLICK HERE for free pattern! Look for this pic and just underneath you’ll see ‘download this free printable pattern’ , it’ll give you two pages instantly!   … More DIY crochet Kawaii Cup/Mug FREE pattern