Sharing is Caring – Cathy from The Fairy Cottage

This week Sharing is Caring features Cathy, girl behind The Fairy Cottage.  Sharing is Caring is a series where other crafters get a space on The Crafty Mummy to share their passion or just ramble☺️ The Fairy Cottage crafts by Cathy You must believe in fairies if you live in Ireland🍀and once you believe you can be … More Sharing is Caring – Cathy from The Fairy Cottage

‘Sharing is Caring’ – Emer from Poppy and Ivy Studios

Hello the loveliest readers, The Crafty Mummy blog is getting very busy lately (eek!) traffic is higher than I’ve ever imagined, also engagement on my social media is amazing and with lots of new opportunities coming my way I’ve created new series ‘Sharing is Caring’ where I am giving space to other creative souls. To … More ‘Sharing is Caring’ – Emer from Poppy and Ivy Studios

Crafter Interview – Karyn Jones

This week I’m over the moon to feature Karyn Jones – creator of Karyn’s style is so inspirational, with background in arts she designs and creates pieces that will never go out of fashion. I discovered Maple Tree Pottery at craft market and had a pleasure admiring the beautiful makes in person, I can honestly say that even … More Crafter Interview – Karyn Jones

DIY crochet camper/camping log

I’ve previously admitted being addicted to crocheting☺️ I’m still very new to this craft, can’t read patterns yet but love following YouTube video tutorials! This project is definitely my biggest crochet challenge so far.. Unfortunately I didn’t have any patterns, I’ve freestyled using my imagination only☺️ Hope you’ll like it!                         … More DIY crochet camper/camping log

DIY weaved dreamcatcher 

I’ve promised to deliver the DIY for this yarn dreamcatcher before I deliver my baby☺️and I just made it! I’m having mild irregular contractions while writing this post! Yes!  Ouch.. There is another one, I’m switching wordpress app to contractions tracker app😂madness…                                                

DIY sensory board 

This may not be the prettiest DIY you’ve seen on my blog.. But it’s definitely one of my favourites! Hubby made it and our little boy enjoys it a lot more than I thought he would☺️                        Leon’s favourite activities are: bicycle bell (mummy is not sure:/), Velcro strips and cable … More DIY sensory board 

Crafter Interview – Kajsa Kinsella, Author and Designer

I am honoured to feature Kajsa on my blog. She is my crafty inspiration, I adore the Scandinavian style with all my heart. When I was 10 years old girl my first ever abroad trip was Sweden and now looking at Kajsa’s creations it brings back all the lovely memories! Why do you craft? How … More Crafter Interview – Kajsa Kinsella, Author and Designer