Crochet a bird. Legless flamingo! Free pattern 

I was searching Pinterest for free flamingo patterns and stumbled across this guy in the Crafty Mag. It looked simple, so I hoped on crocheting straight away… something went a little wrong with the beak, the head seems oval… and what my Facebook followers pointed out rapidly, this guy is missing legs! with them tiny … More Crochet a bird. Legless flamingo! Free pattern 

DIY amigurumi/crochet octopus FREE pattern

My journey with crochet continues!🐙 beginning of this week I’ve received a lovely box of crafty goodies all the way from Paris by La Petite Epicerie, it included some white and navy cotton wool which inspired me to make something nautical! Hope you’ll like the little creatures☺️ DIY amigurumi crochet octopus For super simple pattern – CLICK … More DIY amigurumi/crochet octopus FREE pattern

DIY Amigurumi Donuts🍩

Hey, did you know that tomorrow is Donut Day!?🍩🍩🍩yes! You can thank me for the extra calories😆 go for the real ones, not crochet.. Yarn is for moths!😂 As usually when it comes to crocheting I’ve followed YouTube tutorial: CLICK HERE for how to make the donuts!                       Look at my camera roll … More DIY Amigurumi Donuts🍩

DIY crochet camper/camping log

I’ve previously admitted being addicted to crocheting☺️ I’m still very new to this craft, can’t read patterns yet but love following YouTube video tutorials! This project is definitely my biggest crochet challenge so far.. Unfortunately I didn’t have any patterns, I’ve freestyled using my imagination only☺️ Hope you’ll like it!                         … More DIY crochet camper/camping log

DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’

She is half-human half-fish and she is half-crochet half-felt😆 and she gave me so much fun while crafting!  DIY Mermaid        Here is VIDEO tutorial part 1 and VIDEO tutorial part 2 I followed to make the amigurumi body (ex. legs obviously😆)              For the curls I followed: chain, and for second row 2 half double crochet … More DIY Mermaid ‘Lola’