The Crafty Mummy

The Crafty Mummy Blog is run by Kasia, a passionate crafter who loves to DIY, recycle and upcycle.

99 thoughts on “The Crafty Mummy

  1. Hello! Thank you for liking my first blog post! It is so encouraging. Your blog is amazing; two minutes and I have gift ideas swimming around my head!


  2. Hi Kasia, Thanks to like our blog. Actually my sister is making such artifacts. I’ll keep watching your blog regularly. I’ll post more images of creation by my sister, so please be in touch. Thank you so much.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post! You have some really great and creative DIY ideas! I noticed your baby is 10 months old, mine is 9 months. This is such an amazing age, they keep getting cooler and cuter each day! I will definitely be stopping by more often and congrats on the big news!!
    Stop by again and feel free to share!


    1. Hi Hun! Thanks for lovely words:) my little guy is actually 18 Months now, you probably clicked the post I’ve republished☺️ but you are so right 10 months is amazing age! 18 is pretty amazing too, lots of more happiness and smiles ahead of you!
      Sending hugs from Dublin, Kasia

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  4. Hi, thanks for liking my post…glad you did, coz now I’ve got to know about your blog! You are really talented, and some of your ideas are FANTASTIC! I’ll be checking in often and will also share some posts on my blog:)

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  5. Hello thanks for stopping by and liking one of my DIY blog posts. I just started blogging this week so thanks for the encouragement. You have a wonderful site and some great idea’s.

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  6. Thank you for coming to my blog! Please follow me! 😝
    If you do then I will follow you back! Also I heard you have a son and one on the way. If your son is interested in learning an instrument then I have a website that is called Music Lessons 4 U. Right now it is free for a limited time. Well let me know if you want the link! See ya!


  7. lorac888890
    This is a wordpress website. Go to to make your very own blog. Her theme is gateway but you can choose different themes.


  8. Hello. Thank you so much for popping by my blog. I’m totally new to this so your like was a very encouraging start. ❤️

    PS. You look like a very crafty mummy indeed

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  9. Thank you for liking my pillowcase post. I just started my blog a few weeks ago, and seeing someone I don’t know like my post is very encouraging. You have so many cute crafts that are giving me more ideas for projects with my kids, and I love your owl crafts.

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