Last 2 weeks in pics!

Weather wise we had pretty miserable days here in Ireland. Althought I can’t complain as the whole winter was very mild and we got to enjoy many dry and wind free days☺ bad weather often inspires me to craft but nice weather is very crafty too as I usually feel the extra energy to create! So you can’t really have bad days if you are a crafter, crafting makes everyone happy! Ha?;)

I don’t usually caption the ‘weeks in pics’ post as I tend to go into too many details.. and also the idea is to let you create a little behind the pictures story in your mind.. if you are curious about anything please comment and I’ll be happy to have a little chat☺

Happy Crafting weeks people!


13 thoughts on “Last 2 weeks in pics!

  1. Awesome pics full of smiles. That’s always nice to see. I’m curious about the wooden stacks…🤔 Also, can you tell me where you got the pattern for the slip on socks/slippers (the grey ones with the tassels or pompon). Thank you!


  2. Reading your blog always inspires me to get back in the craft room and make stuff – also buy yarn. I always want more yarn after looking at the pictures of your stash xD


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