Crochet a bird. Legless flamingo! Free pattern 

I was searching Pinterest for free flamingo patterns and stumbled across this guy in the Crafty Mag. It looked simple, so I hoped on crocheting straight away… something went a little wrong with the beak, the head seems oval… and what my Facebook followers pointed out rapidly, this guy is missing legs! with them tiny wings he wouldn’t be able to fly, now he is legless so no walkies too.. a bit overweight, what have I created!?🙈

I got him a dickie bow, so at least he is looking stylish!

Here is the FREE pattern I followed

Don’t worry! He has made friends☺️

My previous FLAMINGO makes: Crochet Flamingo PhoebeFLAMINGO Felt garland

Ooh…actually can FLAMINGO fly?🤔

Happy Crafting


10 thoughts on “Crochet a bird. Legless flamingo! Free pattern 

  1. I honestly can’t decide which flamingo I like most. The one with the bow tie is approaching first place. It’s amazing what you can do with a flamingo by putting a bow tie on it. I feel like he should be named something hybrid between Sherlock Holmes and the Pink Panther, something like Sherlock Panther.


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