10 Golden Rules to be successful on Facebook – craft business 

I’ve previously posted 8 things crafter do WRONG, and it has been read many thousands times!

Another one worth reading if you are taking your first steps in the craft industry How to make sales. CRAFTS

Here is 10 simple ideas that implemented can help you avoid paying mr Facebook for sponsored post!

You may know the pain, 1000 followers but only 150 on average reached your recent post..

I am being consistent and true to my followers, and I’m proud to say I haven’t paid a cent for marketing on my The Crafty Mummy page

10 Golden Rules to be successful on Facebook. Craft Business.

1. Don’t ever post pictureless – posts with no picture won’t be noticed! Try an eye catching photographs to attract attention. 

2. Be consistent in posting – whether it’s once a day or twice a week, schedule posts in advance, it can also save a lot of your time!

3. Know your customer – post at certain times of the day. If you are making kids products, your potential customer is a mammy who most likely is busy during the day and will check FB in the evening. 

4. Always reply to comments and reviews! Engage!

5. Be a little personal – show your face from time to time, people are nosey – it’ll bump your stats! And that’s what makes handmade sellers unique, in most cases it is the one person who is the brand, the maker, the marketing manager, the packer and a bit of a postman! 

6. Use the instant reply feature – come up with something fun and professional at the same time!

7. Don’t you dare uploading bad quality photos!

8. Don’t clog your feed with unrelated links and videos (that’s what your have personal account for!)

9. Include good BIO in the about section, remember to update it regularly. Don’t be shy, make sure your personality shines through it. 

10. Join and engage in FB groups that are related to your nice che. 

 Most importantly be true and be unique, don’t ever copy anyone.
Believe in yourself so others will too!

Best of luck! 


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