DIY Miniature Café + Crochet Donuts 

I like being little girl, the imagination of a child is the most amazing skill you possess before becoming an adult. Oh wait I’m an adult…! Crafting adult, so it’s ok to play with teeny tiny toys and doll houses😝

All of the beautiful supplies came from La Petite Épicerie, the wallpaper is double sided craft paper and the golden strip was made with washi tape!

The wooden house shaped shelf comes in 3 pack and it’s only €20! Link to the shelves, I’ve already turned another one into my toddlers cars garage/parking!

La Petite Épicerie is fantastic for stocking miniature polymer food, cups and plates! 

Wooden slices for tables are 50 cents (here) and there is so many craft ideas for them! 

The display shelf is a double dealer! I previously got felt baby decorations in this wooden tray, so originally it was a packaging😜find it here

The donuts were made using mini wool pack in pastels!

Click here for donut pattern!
Now the little girl gotta go and play cars with the toddler!🚙🚗🚕vroom, vroom….

Disclaimer: Although this is not a sponsored post, please note that I am a brand ambassador for La petite épicerie and receive products for free to test. All craft ideas and opinions are truly my own.

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