Handmade Bag from Ghana

Last Sunday I was at a craft fair selling my handmade fabric necklaces, if you have ever been trading at one you know how important is to have a nice neighbor beside you. As you may be stuck and forced to talk in case the day is slow and market is not busy one. So last Sunday I was the luckiest, my neighbor happened to be Francesca, a beautiful inside out girl originally from Italy. Settled in Ireland for nearly 20 years Francesca with 3 other ladies set up a charity from which every single penny goes to help kids in Ghana. They devote their own time to support Jay and Nii, who are doing their best to get kids off the street, put a food on their table and send them to schools. It all started when Francesca traveled to Ghana with her family. Being a mammy to a little boy at the time the poverty, unfairness and inequality that the kids were exposed to moved Francesca’s heart. Here is where JayNii started. She moved my heart with her kindness, selflessness and enthusiasm. She goes to a normal Monday to Friday job, raises two beautiful kids with her French hubby and she was there at the market the whole day selling bags that were handmade in Ghana, to support Jay and Nii. The last two days since meeting Francesca I’m questioning myself, am I a good human? I admire people who don’t always think about themselves, who care, and who actually DO!

The bag is handmade, it’s very well made! And it’s only €8

So if you have a spare €8, you can contact the girls on their Facebook Page, make a donation on JayNii website www.jaynii.ie or at least spread the word and share this post please!

read more in Jay and Nii story: Here

What goes around comes around❤️

4 thoughts on “Handmade Bag from Ghana

  1. What a beautiful day you must have had at the market with your new friend. I love the way you called her a “Mammy” – it conjures up such a lovely picture in the mind. The bag and the sentiment behind it all is fabulous. Being a Good Person can take many forms, I believe. Imagine the person who can’t get out and about and spends many hours at home, who comes across your blog and reads your posts about your family and your crafts and feels that connection. That makes you a good person for that person and so on. When we only hear about the big things that people do, we forget that kindness and caring comes in many forms and sometimes it is the little things.

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    1. Totally agree with you Barbara! Thank you for your beautiful comment❤️
      Sending you a massive hug🍀😘💕
      There is not day that I don’t think how much I was blessed to have my family, financially we are the worst we have ever been but I never felt so happy as I do today.

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      1. Then you are one very happy lady, and I couldn’t be more pleased that you can see past the stresses and be happy with your life just as it is. Thank you for the massive hug, much appreciated and right back at you. Barbara


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