Handmade Beauty – Purite.ie and DIY scrubbies

Purite.ie and The Crafty Mummy GIVEAWAY prize – see links at the bottom

Couple of weeks ago I was approached by a lovely girl who has passion for HANDMADE cosmetics, she hoped to collaborate with my blog. I am not the best when it comes to being regular using beauty products so my first thought was ‘not really, as I probably will stop using them after short while’. So I told her that it wasn’t for me and went on. She was not going to pass, gave an interesting inside into the business idea, and offered handmade butter, soaps and stuff for the kids. I liked that she was so eager and passionate about her brand. I gave it a go. I’ve been testing Purite.ie products last couple of weeks and… had no idea you can actually love your soap! There is a difference between a soap and a handmade soap, Oh and the smell not to mention the look! You almost want to eat it! First couple of days I had mine in the wardrobes, tugged in between bed linens and towels – gave them lovely scent (the lavender one keeps moths away!) I share the butter with the kids, keeping it away from husband – so there is more for us😆 and I am also testing face oil, so if you notice me looking younger you’ll know why! (Haha:) Purite cosmetics are ECO friendly, produced from essential oils, made with no extra chemicals and in a fair trade manner. Me and the Purite girl have since become friends, there isn’t many people out there who share passion for handmade, love nature and respect environment – we need more of those people in the world and more of pro-eco brands.

Find the handmade soaps HERE, I actually crave a cake right now! 

Scrubbies are made from 100% cotton yarn

DIY Nubbie Scrubbies crochet pattern – CLICK HERE

DIY round face scrubbies – CLICK HERE

Purite on FACEBOOK


Giveaway is pinned to the top of my page Here

Please check my social media for a code to get 10% off all products at www.purite.ie

Thanks so much!


This yummy looking thing is a SHAMPOO!

Disclaimer: Although this is not a sponsored post, please note that I have received the Purite products for free to test. All opinions are truly my own.

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