Be or KNOT to be 

Hi! Thanks for still being here😘

I’m happy to be a crafter, but this also means I am constantly forced to make uneasy choices…so little time and so much to do! to crochet or stitch, to bake or to sew… I am also the luckiest to have two beautiful babies and they always come first❤️

Be or KNOT to be is a perfect combination of my dilemmas, I can let my creativity explode in a limited time, I am crafting statement knotted necklace using chunky zpagetti yarn… they build up pretty quick and the couple of hours in the evening are reserved for that! I am taking the plunge and my Etsy SHOP is now open! 

It was my birthday last month and when family and friend asked what I want I said: get my zpagetti yarn…:) I now have own over 30 gigantic spools! still want more! Every craft is addictive!

I’ve done my first craft fair with Be or KNOT to be and couldn’t be happier! I’m glad not to be afraid of making my mini dreams come true☺️

Hope you are all well and happy crafting, it’s not easy to be creative one but it’s amazing❤️


36 thoughts on “Be or KNOT to be 

  1. Congratulations on your shop I’m a tad jealous I really want to open one one day! Never heard of zpagetti yarn but those necklaces look beautiful so well done. I also understand how hard it is to control the creative beast within so keep it up we will always find the time 😉

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  2. That’s great Kasia ! Iii pop over & have a look at your shop 😊

    I love that yarn, works up big & chunky , I made a bag once with it. Loving the necklaces & I totally get you , crafting can be so rewarding but trying to fit it all in. I made 5 Christmas hoops this week v proud of myself now to list them!


  3. Hi I love crafts also, and can so relate to do you sew do you paper craft do you bake ya right there with you. My children are grown but they all put in Christmas orders for me to make them. and I have also opened an Etsy store this year. Congrats on your Etsy store.

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  4. They are so nice, I like them! I was wondering if you could share some of your experiences with Etsy – it really interests me how it is going, are you satisfied, do you have any recommendations to share? I am doing some crafts as well and am thinking about opening an Etsy shop myself, with beach stone earrings (, but am lacking of self-confidence – I mean “is it good enough to put it on store” thing…

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