Miniature Furniture Fun

I just can’t help it, I’m a little girl at heart. I wouldn’t call myself the girliest girl but I have this obsession with pastels, mainly pink and I do love everything mini-sized! Last week I’ve spotted this mini wooden doll house furniture, €5 for all 3! 

I won’t be keeping them…☺️after posting a pic on my Facebook they were requested by my best friend, for her little girl and I can’t say no! Not because I’m not assertive,or  because she is my friend but purely because I now have perfect excuse to buy another set and paint, style, have fun again😆

and now while I’m working on another crochet DIY (in collaboration with craft supplies store), they are just perfect photo props👌

I’ll be turning 29 next week and since discovering crochet I actually love crafts more than I ever had!

Have a fab week!


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