DIY Crochet Granny Square Blanket

I was a little emotional making this piece, as it is going to be donated to Bravery Blanky, a non profit organisation that collects crocheted or knitted blankets and delivers them to kids fighting with cancer😞kids fighting cancer – it doesn’t sound right. I know. Life is unfair. I hope my colourful blankie will put a smile on the child’s face. ‘Comfort and Hope wrapped in a blanket’

Anyone can join, especially if you live in Ireland – there is plenty of spots where blankets can be dropped, please see Bravery Blanky Page on FB

amigurumi cloud – I’ve written my first pattern! coming soon!☁️

I’ve picked up this fun wool in Lidl. How to granny square blanket pattern CLICK HERE or try this beginner VIDEO. Tassels were made with leftovers😀

I would love to make another one, can you recommend any other stitch that builds up quickly? Is the c2c fun to make? Ooh just realised this was my first blanket actually😀yay!


42 thoughts on “DIY Crochet Granny Square Blanket

  1. Funnily enough hubby showed me some wool very similar to this whilst in Aldi this morning! I love the blanket, I’ve never used the granny square technique and making my first blanket – for our third child. It’s made me want to find out how to do it now, one blanket is never enough ☺️

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  2. Ooooh that yarn is beautiful! Who knew lidl did such lovely yarn! I definately think you should give c2c a good go. I learnt how to c2c on friday, and I am know hooked – I already have so many ideas in my head! It has such a lovely texture and works up so quickly!

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  3. This is beautiful. I love that yarn! I am currently working on a granny square afghan lovey for an 18 month old little boy! Thanks for sharing!! The colors in that yarn are just stunning!


  4. The wife and I really love this blog and appreciate the creativity and do it yourself spirit you provide. If you ever want to take this blog to the next level by offering a Mobile App version my company Zenlight would love to help for an extremely low price, we appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.


  5. Looks really cool ! , c2c is a great way to make a blanket and you could also try The call The midwife blanket ( you can Find it on Google)


  6. Beautiful blanket and yes c2c is a great stitch which works up quickly and looks so impressive. Please keep on donating your blankets to such a good cause. Childhood cancer sadly is not rare. My son has battled it twice and won but the treatment and long term side effects are gruelling. 💛


  7. I love this idea, and the yarn, was it just in your local lidl? I must go look!! I want to contact my local hospital to see if they accept similar. What an amazing idea. I have recently made a c2c blanket. They are super speedy. In fact I made a Pokemon one as my first one which wan’t too quick because I kept changing colours but if you used a variegated yarn it would be loaded quicker! Thanks for the read.

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