DIY Pompom Sandals 

DIY PomPom Sandals 

This post should probably be called ‘Pinterest made me do it’😂

My holidays are only a memory now, but I am hoping to inspire other crafty creatives to do it if you are lucky enough to live in a paradise or heading to sunny place soon☀️ 

I got a pair of unexpensive sandals on sale in Primark for a couple of euros, made couple of mini fork pompoms… How to make mini wool/yarn pompoms 

pic from my other DIY, mini egg hat

I also made couple of yarn tassels.. Now.. How to make wool/yarn tassels 

here is a pic on how to make tassels (which I also turned into earrings☺️)

Both pompoms and tassels were stitched on with embroidery type thread. I had plan to glue the pompoms on but following one of yours advice, glue could get melted in the heat😳

So if you are actually planning a holidays.. You may also like my last post on crochet top and barefoot sandals☺️

Hope you enjoyed! 

happy crafting 


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