DIY Crochet Flamingo

Queen has arrived👑

Having just around 134552 WIPs (Work in Progress) projects I stumbled across a talented fellow crocheter girl Milka, I mean I stumbled across her Instagram The Life of Milka. She crochets and writes patterns for her makes, she than shares them for FREE with whoever wants to give them a go! Just drop Milka a message on Instagram @The Life of Milka

With Milka’s approval I’ve changed the wings, and followed this tutorial for crocodile stitch☺️

Hope you like it! I need to come up with a name for the queen…:)

DIY Flamingo Crochet Pattern

I would love to start new crochet project.. Please inspire me! What are you making?



21 thoughts on “DIY Crochet Flamingo

  1. Wow! That’s awesome, especially the crocodile stitch wings. I’m making a mermaid tail (well 3 actually!) and then I want to make a crochet tunic dress for my daughter for the winter.


  2. Ooooooh such a lovely flamingo! Your house must be absolutley full of wonderful crocheted things! I know how you feel about WIP’s. I have soooooo many. I am trying to get them finished before I move on to a new project. I am between projects at the mo though. I finished some slippers yesterday and dont know whether to start a new project or complete another WIP.


  3. Love the knees ! Pink perfection – I have requests for a mermaid tail too , best get started if am to get it finished by Christmas .. And I thought I’d make Vanessa Mooncie’s chameleon , he turns inside out !

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