August in Pictures 

It’s a mad month! Lots of DIYing, beautiful wedding of my gorgeous friend and 8th anniversary of my own wedding. Leon turned two years old, while Theo turned 3 months. We had visitors from Poland, two very helpful and fun teenagers, plus we minded our friend dog. 

Some amazing people, crafting, sightseeing, crocheting, lots of ups and downs.. I need to be busy! I also need my ‘me time’ to stay sane.. I love August, I love my life! I’m looking forward to September☺️

chat soon



13 thoughts on “August in Pictures 

  1. Wow, a busy and very productive month! This has inspired me to get on with my projects, I’ve struggled to find since baby was born but looking at all the pretty things you’ve made I really want to get started again! I especially love the flamingos and the paper flowers!


  2. Wow! It’s amazing how productive you are! I had a super busy summer with lots of guests and ended up doing nothing creative. You are inspiring. Also, I particularly love your paper flowers. ♡

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  3. You have such a gorgeous family! I just followed you blog. Your ideas are amazing and I am in love with those flowers! I’d love for you to visit my blog 🙂


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