DIY Crochet Poncho

What have I been doing before I got to learn crocheting??😂 I’m so hooked! Just can’t stop☺️there still is so so much to learn.. Which makes it even more exciting!

Here is something super simple, a crochet poncho that I made for myself (yep, something for myself for a change☺️) I got the pretty mulitcolour wool from my lovely crafty neighbour and friend Bernie, who also taught me how to make it! (Thanks Huni❤️)

Although I found a video tutorial on YouTube that explains the process step by step on how to crochet she’ll stitch poncho, just CLICK HERE

..I them made this kiddies size red one, and starting on light mustard for my sister!

made the red one for my hubbys 2 year old goddaughter

Happy Crocheting!


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