DIY Birthday Cake – toddler party

I loved the cake we got for Leon’s 1st bday party last year, it was professionally made and tasted delicious but it costed me a fortune! So this year I took the risk and made it all myself.. My signature carrot cake farm theme decorated🚜🌱🌻little guy loved it and so did the guests! You can make any cake you like☺️ I made carrot one as that’s the only one that always work for me.

Happy Birthday buntings are from Rachelle Printables

This huge banner Leon got from his uncle who works for Xtreme signs and graphics

oreo type cookies blended with cream cheese

icing was made by mixing cream cheese,butter and icing sugar, for brown I added cocoa powder, yellow and green food colourings. Hay stacks are muesli bars☺️

Oh and that’s the last year one I mentioned..

Hope you fell inspired!🎂

Kids parties are so much fun to plan and organise, not so much when it comes to cleaning later…

Chat soon!


33 thoughts on “DIY Birthday Cake – toddler party

  1. I made most of my son’s birthday cakes and Halloween costumes as he grew up. They always turned out great and it made them all the more special. Though sometimes you do have to get inventive on making things happen when you’re not real experienced with it. Your cake turned out FAB!! Lots of details and bet it was yummy.

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  2. I can honestly say that this is beyond any 2-yr old can expect!!! It looks professional and I am sure it tasted so good!!! Happy birthday to your little one 🙂


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