The Crafty Mummy Crochet Adventures Round-up

I’ve tried crocheting before, couple of times when I was child, then again as a teenager.. But didn’t get ‘hooked’ until this year! I need to admit that I’ve used to associate crocheting with older ladies, and how wrong I was! I am officially an addict, I can’t remember when I had crochet free day.. I do it every day and I’m a wool hoarder. I go into yarn shop to buy one ball, and I leave with ten..  Here is a little round-up of my makes to date, and I could easily throw a proper loooong post on my WIPs too😂

Crochet Camper/Cabin Log

Crochet Unicorn 

Amigurumi Seahorse

Kawaii Mugs 

Crochet Owls 

Crochet Mermaid 

Amigurumi Donuts Play Food

Crochet Coasters 

Amigurumi Octopus 

This round up made me realise that there still is a few things I made and didn’t put DIYs up! Will keep them coming☺️

Hope you enjoyed and got inspired!

Few of my makes are available in the CraftyMshop on Etsy

with around 10 crochet WIPs you’ll hear back from me very soon!


31 thoughts on “The Crafty Mummy Crochet Adventures Round-up

  1. I learnt to crochet only last year and was hooked (boom boom) straightaway. I’ve tried anigurumi once but wasn’t terribly successful… I’ll have to try it again, I’ve been inspired by the octopus!


  2. Your lovely site reminds me of the good old days…. I learned to crochet when I was in my teens, by picking apart a second-hand sweater, and I never looked back! 😉 My first published writing was of several original crochet patterns which I sold to a couple of craft magazines. Many years later, my daughter caught the crochet bug from me, and she has thought up some beautiful projects, too (I’m encouraging her to self-publish her own book of instructions). Truly, crochet is not just for “older ladies;” indeed, now that I’m now one myself, arthritis pain and hand neuropathy have brought an end to my beloved hobby. 😦 So I greatly enjoy looking at your wonderful pictures! 😀

    And thank you for visiting my site and liking the post about my new book. ❤


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