Sharing is Caring – Cathy from The Fairy Cottage

This week Sharing is Caring features Cathy, girl behind The Fairy Cottage

Sharing is Caring is a series where other crafters get a space on The Crafty Mummy to share their passion or just ramble☺️

The Fairy Cottage crafts by Cathy

You must believe in fairies if you live in Ireland🍀and once you believe you can be sure there is one living with you or near to you. They can be very helpful. You must love them and treat well. Fairies love all things sparkly, can blow away bad dreams and can feel your emotions.. If you are happy your fairy is happy too! Also some fairies have talents to hear your wishes.. So be carefull what you wish for! Magic happens✨

A little about myself. I’m a make-up artist. I’m a mammy to a little boy Charlie who’s 4. I’m a huge animal lover, living in the countryside of Westmeath, Ireland. I’m a big shabbychic lover and love to upcycle old furniture. I’ve always loved fairies. The Fairy Cottage started from my love of fairies and magical things from when I was a little girl and now living in a cottage in the countryside. I started by making a fairy jar for myself. I got a lot of interest in it and started making them for others. People loved them and started ordering. Have a peek at My Facebook Page. I loved dreamcatchers from when I was a little girl, I now also make them for boy and girls. I’ve recently started painting and I especially love doing pet portraits so I’m hoping that’s a new venture for the fairy cottage this year. 

upcycled lamp
trying weaving too!

Check out Cathy’s Instagram thefairycottage_

And Facebook The Fairy Cottage

Thank you for reading!

Tell us do you believe in fairies?

Kasia and Cathy

DIY Fairy Garden

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