My week in pictures – Summer is back!

Very productive week.. Hmm I’ve actually captured a bit more than a week here.. Productive – crafty speaking and some quality family time!

process of making amigurumi doll..

Here is last post video tutorial DIY on hand crocheting
In case you missed last ‘Sharing is Caring’ post – it was all about talented Maura The Messy Brunette who made this beautiful hoop!

this pic caused a lot of giggles! I was trying to make amigurumi heart.. apparently it looks like something else?🍳🍳

One of trillion of my WIP! Attempting to crochet fairy house🌳

Pastels! Some of my amigurumi in one place🌸this shelf must be my favourite place in the house at the minute!

Theo is 2 and a half months now❤️

Leon will turn 2 years old next month❤️

Stefan the Labrador turned 4 last month🐺

got myself cute plastic mesh bag, great for storing some wool and it brings back childhood memories☺️

3 ingredients Bounty Bars – very addictive!

Scored some bargains in IKEA, got this bread basket for €2 and will definitely go towards some crafty idea.. and fabric at €3, will turn into colouring book for the toddler👌

that’s the amigurumi heart I mentioned💜

I’ve been making ice creams and ice lollies to add to my Etsy Shop🍉🍉🍉

I’m giving away these 3 badges on Facebook, ends in couple of hours!

dinner looked like this pretty much every evening!

…and here is the amigurumi doll nearly finished, needs some clothes💃🏻

showing off €1 skirt from charity shop!

Till next time!✋🏻


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