‘Sharing is Caring’ – The Messy Brunette – DIY Hoop Art

Hello on Sunday! Here is a guest post filled with beautifulness from www.themessybrunette.com 

Maura is a crochet and embroidery goddess! I’m more than happy to have her guest posting on The Crafty Mummy! Please enjoy some of Maura’s creations (so much more on the blog) and I’m sure you will feel I inspired to make your own hoop art at the end of this post☺️

My name is Maura, I am Irish & live in the sticks with one husband, 2 boys and 1 dog. We live in my husband’s family home which is approx. 170 years old and is an upcycle project itself! I love all types of craft and will try out anything. I especially love crochet and embroidery and will always come back to these. I think being creative is a way of life and I try and fill my home with all my makes and upcycle projects. I love reading blogs and have a serious addiction to Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a great way to meet other creatives and share ideas and just chat. Thank you to Kasia for letting me guest post this little project and for letting me ramble on …. ! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to look me up.

Instagram: themessybrunette

Twitter: @messymaura

Pinterest: TheMessyBrunette

DIY by  The Messy Brunette 
Hoop Art! – DIY a Housewarming Gift

A simple little project to make and a nice gift to give or receive. Perfect for a housewarming gift, which is exactly where these little hoops are going.

If you want to try your hand ( get it !) here’s how ……

8 inch hoop was used for the big one and 6 inch was used for the felt one.

• Material of your choice; I used 100% cotton and wool felt on the small hoop. Don’t use that crappy acrylic felt.

• Embroidery Floss

• Needle to suit and scissors

• Stain or paint if you want to dress up the hoop

• Ribbon and washi tape ( optional )

1. First up, decide on your pattern, I got my pattern from this little shop on Etsy – Knoty Dickens. I simply liked the writing, I know I could have written it myself but it was only a few quid. I printed my pdf pattern on Sulky – stablizer, which is a brilliant product. You just print, peel off the top part and stick to your fabric and stitch. When you are finished you wash it away. You can find more about this wonder product here. You can see from the picture, how clear the text is for me to embroidery on. You can also just drawn on the sulky itself and then stick it on your fabric.

2. Hoop up and stitch away. I used the back stitch which is really simple.

3. I normally finish my backside ( snigger snigger …. ) off by gluing the loose fabric onto the inside hoop, kinda like making a pie. Then I place a piece of card inside to cover the stitches or sometimes I use felt.

4. I mostly stain my hoops or sometimes I paint them, totally optional. A little bit of washi tape was used on these and a ribbon was also added.

You could do this in an evening if you kept at it! If you need a refresher on doing this stitch , try looking at sublime stitching, just click here 

Till next time!

The Messy Brunette

15 thoughts on “‘Sharing is Caring’ – The Messy Brunette – DIY Hoop Art

  1. Very nice! I love crochet.if I had to do embroidery I would, I just don’t have the patience to do it on a regular basis but I love the look. Very nice housewarming gift too or even to use as a tag on a gift. Georgio is my other site. I am Jeanette from jeanetteseasycreations.wordpress.com. That site is strictly crafts. Maura does beautiful work as do you. 🙂 have a blessed day.jeanette

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      1. Ooh tell me about it😬as much as I’m creative in my every day life, crafts etc all this techy stuff is a nightmare! I’ve actually ordered logo for the blog last week, and will soon be figuring things out too😆Ill know who to ask❤️

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