Crafter Interview – Siobhan Flaherty 

Crafter Interview series is back to the stunning land of Ireland, west part of the country co. Galway to meet mummy of 4, passionate crafter Siobhan Flaherty and her business Handmade by Lila Rose. Beautiful, bespoke personalised frames and cards for any occasion under the sun!

Siobhan is also one of the first online colleagues I made since the blog started❤️

Siobhan and her family

Why do you craft? How did you learn? How did you get interested in crafts? 

I have been crafting for nearly six years, started off when I became stay at home mum to my newborn twins. After working full time for over 10 years it was a big change to be staying home full time. I decided I would like to fill my spare time with something other than housework so I began hand making occasion cards. Over the last two years I have moved onto to personalised frames, and that’s my main craft now. I’m self taught, picking many tips up from You Tube.

What are you can’t-live-without craft essentials?

My cant live without craft essentials would have to be my e6000 glue, it’s very important that my scrabble tiles and embellishments stay in place in my frames so it’s the one that does that for me at the minute.

How often do you craft?

I’m crafting most days,morning after kids are gone to school and Playschool, and a few hours then again at night once they are all gone to bed.

What sorts of things are inspiring you? Where do you look for inspirations?

My main inspirations come from following a lot of the wedding DIY pages on Facebook and Pinterest. I’m constantly checking to see what’s in and what colours are most popular. At the minute a lot of my wedding and engagement frames have a shabby chic and rustic feel. A lot of neutrals but I like to introduce some pops of subtle colour like mint green and pale pink, those are my favourites lately!

What is your most popular/best selling make? 

Wedding frames are the most popular right now, a month ago it was First Holy Communion and Confirmation makes. It can be very Seasonal. I have been asked on a couple of occasions to make a family tree frame where there has been a stillborn or baby that has passed away to be included in the family tree, these type of frames are always special but difficult to make because you want to get it right. This is something special that will be hanging in their home and they will be looking at and remembering everyday. These are the ones that mean the most to me.

How would you describe your style? 

At the moment my style is shabby chic for the wedding and engagement frames, but I am happy to cater any style the customer requires.

What is your favourite thing to do other than crafting? 

Spending time with my four kids always comes first, espically at weekends and holiday time, crafting has to wait til night after they have gone to bed. I have 7 year old twins, Donnacha and Mia Rose, five year old Lily and four year old Laoise. Unfortunately five years ago I lost my mum at 61 years of age, so since then spending time with family is very important for me. She was always sewing and fixing holes in our trousers so now I find myself doing the same, if she saw me she would be giving out to me with the state of my stitches lol☺️

What is your advice for people who want to start crafting or craft and want to start selling?

I only started selling about two years ago, setting up my business Facebook page was the best move for me as it gets my work out, most of the time! So if you don’t have one already probably best to set one up, get all your family and friends sharing and run competitions. Craft fairs in some areas can be seasonal, ie Christmas so do any local ones that come up. You’d be surprised at the amount of local people who don’t know what your doing and will start to order from you, they in return tell others so word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising! Also join any of the groups on Facebook, there are lots for crafters and handmade, people that craft are always helpful and willing to share tips so never be afraid to ask questions from fellow crafters. Kasia has answered plenty of questions for me!!

Do you attend craft markets?

I take a table at any local craft fairs/charity events that come up. Christmas time does well for me as I also decorate wall plaques and trinket boxes. Such gifts don’t cost the customer too much, also sell well as Christmas stocking fillers. 

What makes you smile? 

Of course the first thing that makes me smile is my kids but getting positive feedback from a customer to say they loved their frame/handmade card is always nice. I love what I do and putting together each frame is always different for every customer. I’m always trying something new so I doing a bit more decoupage at the minute on my wall plaques and I’m always upcycling a piece of furniture in my house. My husband is always afraid of coming home from work and finding something else painted!

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Thank you so much for sharing Siobhan!

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