My week in pictures

I love documenting my week in pictures! This is what blogs are for☺️ sort of journal, I think I’ll love looking back in few years time..

made owl house for friend who left Ireland 😦
he is so toddler now! rocking hoodie my mum made for him!
one of many, MANY wips.. this is going to be a crochet café!

Posted CROCHET Coasters Free Pattern If missed it☺️

I’ve called all crafters/DIYers who would like to be featured on The Crafty Mummy Blog! It’s an idea of new series on the blog where you get the space and a little bit of exposure☺️it may be DIY tutorial of something you specialise in, showcase of your makes, craft room tour etc… In return I’ll promote the post, person/business/blog across all my social medias! #supportHandmade if you find it interesting please pop me an email with your idea

Luckily, the morning after posting I woke up to 7 lovely emails of creative souls wanting to collaborate! Keep those emails coming☺️

part of the crochet café, miniature cash register!😃
another WIP😝crochet CAL road mat.. in progress!

Crafter Interview this week featured Katie Percival

Leon posing hat Gillian from The Daisy Patch made!❤️

sneak peak of next DIY! Vegetables!!!🍆🌶🍅
a cool book I got from my sister’s fiancé!
this is me not long before I got pregnant for the first time, debating either I want to go back having short hair again😬

…and mama’s cutie pie is 2 months old!😍

chat soon


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