DIY crochet coasters + baby boy crafts

Lucky me was approached by lovely girl from La Petite Épicerie to take part in their Instagram crafty challenge. They sent me a box full of crafty goodies and my job was to create something, create whatever my imagination wished.. DIY and crafts blogger little dream come true, right?☺️

I had no idea what she picked for me, the box arrived and what a nice surprise to see that she actually had a look at my blog and social medias sending me yarn, crochet hook, baby boy themed craft supplies along with pompoms and other cute bits! She knew what I am up to at the minute☺️ I often get emails from companies who are looking to collaborate but their product or service has nothing NOTHING to do with what I blog about. They often misspell my name too:( a little ignorant I think..

To make the coasters CLICK HERE for free pattern by LuLu Loves

I’ve previously posted DIY for the crochet octopus, made with wool received in the crafty box.

Mini pompoms can be found here, felt shapes here, wooden tray here and search wool here.

I’ve made more crafts out of La Petite Épicerie supplies and will share them with you soon…

*this is NOT a sponsored post, I’ve received the craft supplies free for the purpose of an Instagram challenge 

28 thoughts on “DIY crochet coasters + baby boy crafts

  1. everything is so cute but omgoodness those chubby liddle octopuses or is it octopi? haha which ever they are adorable! ive said it before but you just do amazing work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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