3 simple TREATS using 3 ingredients ONLY

You don’t need to have any cooking or baking skills to make these simple and quick 3 ingredients only treats! You do need to know that they are amazingly delicious but NOT low calories I’m afraid (oops..😆) I am eating well for most of the week, I then let myself to have one bad day which I call ‘a pig’s day’🐷 so here are my ideas for a treat on your PIG’S DAY

DIY Kinder Chocolate croissant 

DIY Twix Bars

DIY Reese’s Peanut butter cups 

CLICK HERE to learn how to make croissants!

CLICK HERE for DIY Twix bars 3 ingredients

CLICK HERE to make Reese’s
Would love to know if you have a tradition of Pig’s Day?😆🐷 let me know your fave guilty treats, I need an inspiration for next Sunday!

Bon appetite!

6 thoughts on “3 simple TREATS using 3 ingredients ONLY

  1. these look SOOO delicious, i’m almost afraid to click on the actual recipe links because a part of me don’t want to know the 3 ingredients- else i might be tempted to make them NOW! ughhh. #momproblems #healthyeating


  2. Great! And yummy! Some of my favorite treats. By the way, I posted my doormat pics today on jeanetteseasycreations.wordpress.com. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the like. My son posted the pics today for me.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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