DIY Mod Podge and Sharpies SHOES makeover 

This is very spontaneous DIY! I came across pair of old wedges while clearing out wardrobes today. They meant to go to Charity Shop.. But creative side of me shouted ‘give them new life’ instead😀 so here you are…

DIY Mod Podge and Sharpies shoes makeover 

this is one cover of crepe paper patches

all the small accessories were glued using glue gun

They turned out a bit ‘out there’ and not sure if I’ll have the courage to ever wear them but crafting was so much fun!😀

Happy Crafting



33 thoughts on “DIY Mod Podge and Sharpies SHOES makeover 

  1. ive always loved to do this to shoes!! and what a fantastic job you did! what a fun adorable outfit they will finish off! at first i thought it was suede to be honest the texture is so pretty!

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      1. please when you wear them take more pics hahaa i would love to see them in an outfit! and can just imagine the compliments you will get! you are so creative!

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      2. i cant even help it creative people make me happie! hahaa! ive decoupaged whole walls in my house before no kidding with brown paper bags all ripped up to cover ugly panelling and it came out amazing like suede looking also. makes me feel good to know there are people out here that take the chance and dare to try something new!

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  2. Hopefully you put enough layers of midge podge to weather a puddle or rain storm. As for the hot glue,I can tell you because I’ve been there done that,lol it will melt in the hot sun and your beautiful decorations will fall off. Take a hair dryer and put on high and you’ll see how fast it’ll melt. Have a tissue handy so you can touch the melted glue with the edge and then absorb it. Then get yourself a substantial glue like E6000 and glue back your decorations. THEY CAME OUT SOOOO CUTE! I love the colors! Great idea. Why not give something a new life. Especially shoes. By the time they’re nice and worn in we usually get rid of them. Nothin beats comfy shoes and they do look comfy! Great job!

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  3. 🙂 they look great which is why I didnt want to say anything negative but thought about what happened to my great idea. And I’d hate for that to happen to you. I didn’t purposely go out in the rain with them but rain happens when God sends And the dye I used put stains on my friends tile floor. We didn’t realize it for awhile. I didn’t use sharpie but still the dye came off. And when I walked to the car the flower fell off. So I think if maybe I clear coated the bottom part with clear spray paint that would not have happened. Hot glue doesn’t stand up to heat or water very well. As a fellow mom and crafter , just by looking at the before and after, I know how much time and effort went into them and I’d just hate you to get them ruined and be disappointed after all your hard work. If you have clear craft or regular spray paint in Ireland, I’d line the inside where your feet touch with plastic or thick paper or painters tape and spray the whole shoe with clear spray paint, a few coats. Those spray paints come in glossy finish or matte finish but once they are dry and you give it a second coat I’m sure it will repel water and not stain or lose their color. I think your creativity and those shoes came out FANTASTIC!

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