CRAFT Business – 8 things crafters do WRONG!

Craft Business – 8 things crafters do WRONG!

If are you in the craft industry, don’t make sales or experiencing sales decrease, you should read this to avoid making common mistakes!

If you are not a trading crafter, but dreaming of becoming one give it a read to save yourself a lot of time at the start!

1. Packaging. You wouldn’t believe how many handmade sellers fail at this. 4 out of 5 my recent buys came in either plain envelope or cardboard. Receiving/ordering handmade make is meant to be an unique experience, making the buyer to feel special. Keep the excitement to the end by adding an extra touch to your packaging too. And, no it doesn’t mean adding extra cost.. Be creative use craft leftovers, cut out a little heart from felt, fabric, paper whatever you work with, hand write a note ‘thank you’, maybe use an ink stamp! Tissue paper and ribbon can work magic!

2. Talk bad about their customers. This is a big NO-NO. No matter if it’s on Facebook or in real, just don’t do it. Be professional, deal privately with the actual person.

3. Under price. If you are under pricing it says you don’t believe your makes are good, how do you want convince others that what you make is exceptional and worth paying for? 

4. Ask to pay PayPal fee or send money as friend. This is highly unprofessional. You can’t avoid paying PayPal fees, you are the business and its your responsibility. Calculate the extra fees in the original price, and never mention it to your customers.

5. Don’t reply, don’t engage. Running craft business (or any business really) means you operate and marketing online a lot, take your time to reply to messages and comments on your social media. It’s crucial as Facebook marketing is not too friendly if you don’t want to pay them. Having 2000 likes on FB page but on average only 50-100 see your posts? It has a lot to do with engagement! I’ll talk about it another post.

6. Copy others work. You may be inspired by other people talents, but you must find your own style, uniqueness otherwise you are just going to nowhere!

7. Share unrelated content. Your business page is for your business, seems simple ha? The amount of craft pages I visit that share videos, pictures etc of random Facebook stuff is unreal. You’ve got around 10 seconds to draw potential customer attention, if they have to spend it to scroll down your page to find photos of your makes you’ve probably lost them by now.

8. Take bad photos. Can’t stress how important that is! If you don’t have professional gear, aim for natural soft light, do never use flash and keep the background rather plain – nothing too busy.. Speaking of being busy, I wish you the best of luck, be mad busy in your craft venture, you are making world a prettier place! #handmadeLOVE

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65 thoughts on “CRAFT Business – 8 things crafters do WRONG!

  1. Bardzo dobre rady Kasia ta o pakowaniu, robieniu zdjęć. Ja ciągle nad tym pracuje. Uwielbiam Twoje prace. Życzę powodzenia na Etsy☺.

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  2. Pricing!!! A price too low –> Lack of confidence. A price too high –> Totally arrogant! A happy medium seems so hard to find!!! And then there’s photography… Thank for the tips. I’m not giving up!!!!

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  4. So true about the photos! Is the first time the client will see your product, and fall in love with it, so you have to make a good presentation of it! Loved your analysis!

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  5. I love making my crafty things. I honestly have no idea about blogging right now, very new to me. I hope to eventually sell my crafts and decorative unique things. Any advice from people with experience I will take into consideration on making a website and actually selling products. 🙂

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  6. Auggg! These are so true! Pricing 😞 that’s such a hard one for me. Especially when I go into Target or Walmart and see something similar for a fraction of the price. I know that my product has such better quality, but it makes me think I should try to be competitive with them too. Any tips?

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    1. Oh I know Hun! You just need to aim for the right customer, some people will choose Target but there are people out there who love and appreciate handmade, buying and owning handmade product is unique and luxurious experience. Never get disheartened by those who will choose Target, that is OK too. Believe in yourself and believe in your makes, people will follow you!
      Wishing you the best of luck!

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  7. New follower and new blogger here! Love this post and totally agree. Can’t wait to dig into your blog a bit more!


  8. These were super helpful tips. I’m trying to start my own business one day and I’m learning everything I can from the crafting, artist, entrepreneur community. Thank you!


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