Crafter Interview – Karyn Jones

This week I’m over the moon to feature Karyn Jones – creator of Karyn’s style is so inspirational, with background in arts she designs and creates pieces that will never go out of fashion. I discovered Maple Tree Pottery at craft market and had a pleasure admiring the beautiful makes in person, I can honestly say that even the prettiest photograph doesn’t do the justice!

Karen was photographed by
Karyn Jones – creator of Maple Tree Pottery

Why do you craft? How did you learn? How did you get interested in crafts? 

I’ve always loved to draw. After I got my degree in Art History, I went to art college for a year and studied textile design. I dabbled in many different crafts but my mother in law, Kathy Mooney, taught me how to make flat pieces in clay, which I could draw on and use my textile printing and pattern skills. That was about 4 years ago and I was hooked!

What are you can’t-live-without craft essentials?


How often do you craft?

At least 3 days/week but I probably do some aspect of the business every single day, between emails, accounts, organising, packaging, etc.

What sorts of things are inspiring you? Where do you look for inspirations?

I have always loved Indian art and culture. My husband and I spent a month backpacking in India for our honeymoon. I adore the colours and patterns and use a lot of Indian woodblocks in the clay. I am always looking for flowers and textures that will work in clay. 

What is your most popular/best selling make? 

I make a lot of different things…but my Indian print bowls and my wildflower pieces are probably my most popular.

How would you describe your style? 


Can you share with us some good DIY/Craft related tips? 

If you love it, do it. 

Photographed by
What is your favourite thing to do other than crafting? 

I love hanging out with my friends and family at the beach or over meals and wine.

What is your advice for people who want to start crafting or craft and want to start selling?

Just start. You don’t need all the fancy packaging, logos, websites and things that cost money or take a lot of time (at first!). Just make what you want to sell and start up a Facebook page or take a chance in a local market. A lot of it is trial and error, so just make sure you learn from it all.

Do you attend craft markets?

Yes, but not too many! Last December I did the National Crafts Fair in the RDS which was a major step! I’ll be doing it again this year, taking with me all the things I learned from my first experience. I am also in Killruddery Market in Bray once a month.

What makes you smile?

Opening a glaze kiln! You just never know how everything is going to turn out. You make it, fire it, glaze it and then put it in the kiln for 28hours and cross fingers and toes. Every time is like Christmas, I never get tired of it. Oh and my kids!

Maple Tree Pottery on Facebook
Instagram: @maple_tree_pottery

Thank you so much for your time Karyn! Your stunning work makes world a much prettier place!

Thank you to all readers out there for an amazing response to last Crafter Interview, it means a lot❤️if you missed it please CLICK HERE to meet Gillian.



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