FREE nursery printables!

I’m here today to share links to 4 super cool free printables! I’ve decorated boys room with two of them☺️and loving it! They were designed by Asia, a very talented girl in Poland — here is Asia’s website BOOMBOM ❤️

As the website is only in polish, you may need to know that ‘pobierz’ means ‘download’😆


Racoon and Rabbit to download – click ‘pobierz’ in the top left corner, than save it on your device 
Dream Fox to download – and click ‘pobierz’ in the bottom left corner (under the poster)
I’ve also printed out this one saying mum in couple different languages

Mother Mummy Madre link to download

designer recommends to print in A4 size, I’ve printed in A4 (on the right) and A3 (left) and can’t notice any difference

Be sure to checkout Asia’s website BOOMBOM


and give a like on Facebook to be up to date with designs, she often post links to free printables!

Have a lovely weekend!



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