DIY crochet owl

You may know I’m a little owl obsessed (In My Nest), and I’ve became crochet obsessed too! I felt like I just had to combine the obsessions😆 here is the result!

To make the Owls I’ve followed this Simple VIDEO tutorial the pink girl body was made as the video explains and the other two girls were slighlty changed by me reducing few rounds (if you know anything about crocheting you’ll know what I mean😆) also I haven’t add the extra colour to the eyes!

Ballerina tutu (pink and purple owls) is:  1st round – just chain and second round 4 dc in each stitch 

Cream owl skirt is edging you can find HERE

Owls in lovely company💜

DIY Crochet Kawaii mug CLICK HERE  


here is my other owl make☺️
Thank you!

Happy crafting🌸


33 thoughts on “DIY crochet owl

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