DIY crochet camper/camping log

I’ve previously admitted being addicted to crocheting☺️ I’m still very new to this craft, can’t read patterns yet but love following YouTube video tutorials! This project is definitely my biggest crochet challenge so far.. Unfortunately I didn’t have any patterns, I’ve freestyled using my imagination only☺️

Hope you’ll like it!

 Let me know your thoughts, I would love to know if you share the love for crochet with me?❤️

Amigurumi MERMAID


95 thoughts on “DIY crochet camper/camping log

  1. Amazing cuteness ! 🌸🌷🌺
    Yes, I too adore crochet, can’t say I’m an addict though, because I have no kids to inspire the Lovely kind of Imagination that you have – absolutely adorable, every stitch speaks great Love ~

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  2. Look on my to see this video tutorial on how to crochet letters. Sooooo awesome. I only included one of her videos cause when you open it the other tutorials for other letters are on the right.

    Have a blessed day!


  3. This is adorable – I love it! I wish I could crochet, but no such luck. I’m not good at that or knitting.

    I popped over to your Etsy store (and favorited it) to see if you had anything like this up for sale. I would love a little crochet camper or doll house for my daughter to play with. Any chance you’d be putting something like this up for sale?

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    1. Thank you so much Emily! ☺️❤️
      Re Etsy.. I don’t plan on doing something like this again any time soon.:/ it was hell lots of work, and now having a newborn and toddler it may be extremely hard😆although never say never! Please watch the shop or the blog for updates!
      And thank you again❤️🌸


  4. Wow…this is incredible! And you say you’re a novice at this? This looks like the work of a professional or a really really talented person with an exceptional imagination! Either way, you’re brilliant at this. 🙂

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      1. this is not just a hobby or craft this really is a god given talent if you ask me! ive been trying to crochet since i was 7 years old and have never had the patients to do well with it so i look at this and i truly have such an appreciation for it…you make me want to try again!

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      2. that is just awesome youve been doing this for a couple weeks and are already so good at it good for you i look forward to seeing what you might make next you are a great inspiration i hope you know!

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  5. absolutely adorable! and really detailed! just made me feel tickled! you did such a great job! ty for sharing its things like this that inspire me to craft and create even more then i already do!

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  6. This is truly amazing! I linked your blog to my sister! 😉 She doesn’t speak English very well but it might give her some inspiration. She just gave birth to her first baby three days ago but I know that only mean that her crochet obsession will intensify with each day! Ha ha

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