DIY newborn photoshoot using iPhone!

Little Theo is 2 weeks old today!👶 I’m planning a proper family photoshoot with professional photographer but in the meantime I came up with a simple idea to take pics with my phone☺️ Little man cooperated nicely while I was shooting the blue themed but fell asleep and wouldn’t give the soother back while I changed the decorations😂 you can’t argue with newborn!

Anyway… I’m hoping it’ll inspire some of you out there!


numbers and letters were added in my favourite app Rhonna Design
I didn’t have any clocks at home to match so I’ve made one😆 felt+beads+embroidery hoop and thread 

Tassels are made of crepe paper and wool pompoms I’ve made using pompom makers.


the cutest older brother came to give Theo a kissy! he loves kissing his feet😘
I’ve changed the decorations but I guess Theo didn’t like them…😆
here is version with Panda☺️
Once I took the pictures I added a bit of light and sharpness using INSTAGRAM only!

  Hope you enjoyed❤️

If you haven’t check my brand new Etsy shop, please click previous post (down below)☺️

 The sun is shining in Dublin☀️🍀 so we are off for a walk! Hope it’s nice where you are too🌸




25 thoughts on “DIY newborn photoshoot using iPhone!

  1. Theo is such a cutie! God bless you both! Thanks for the follow! I’m from but have to reply under due to some apple glitch. Or maybe it’s cause the Georgio site was the original. Not new at this and haven’t had a lot of time the last few months to even add stuff. 🙂 have a blessed day. Enjoy your little guy….they grow up way too fast!

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