My week in pictures! Meet baby Theo❤️

Hello! The past week has been amazing to me☺️ if you read my last post DIY weaved Dreamcatcher you may know that last Sunday I was in labor and now I am super excited to tell you our second bundle of joy arrived soon after I posted! Please meet little THEO👶   

  I was quite lucky and had pretty speedy delivery😅  
  Born on 1/5/2016, 3.570g and 52cm  
  So far nights went smooth☺️ I am lucky to have my mum and the best sister here, they are amazing help! Keeping the house clean and everyone well fed😆

after the first night at home👶
  and yes I do craft a little too..☺️  
 I’m turning quiet book pages into activity blanket, I crocheted the blanket in the last few days of pregnancy..and the felt pages were meant to be quiet book but I’ve failed to complete it😬
some wool I picked at local charity shop this week, bargain at 50cents!
 I breastfeed Theo, so I’m hands free.. So I crochet😆 trying to get roundy balls!
Leon, very proud older brother posing pants and bandana his nana made him👶❤️
Life is beautiful!

Lots of love❤️


Kasia, proud mummy of Leon and ️Theo 👶👶

63 thoughts on “My week in pictures! Meet baby Theo❤️

  1. Congratulations to you and your family! It’s amazing how you find the time and courage to keep on crafting and blogging in-between breast feeding the little one, waking up in the wee hours of the morning, taking care of the rest of the family and your household! It’s a beautiful family! Keep it up 😊 xxx

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