My week in pictures 2

Things are happening very quick when you are nearly 39 weeks pregnant!😲Yep!

Just before the weekend my best friend surprised me coming all the  way from Holland to see me before I have the baby, as she hasn’t seen me pregnant in real☺️I was over the moon! We are both busy mums and time we have to chat is never enough..   
the tiny cup is a sneak peek of bigger project im working on.. Keep reading to find out!   Another lovely surprise, I’ve received lovely cards designed by Irish girl LAINEYK, loving all her makes! I have also tried weaving and will keep you posted about it! Yeah…DIy to follow!   Made this crazy coloured clutch bag and gave it away on my facebook page ☺️ made up my own patterns for the table and chair! Eek…  

 I’ve learnt sunburst granny squares of YouTube! Click here for tutorial   Teddies made by mom☺️only part of my little boy handmade toy collection!

We have posted out first CK boxes! 

ooh and I’ve strolled the neighbourhood like an elephant!🐘    and here it is.. Not finished! Work in progress☺️ miniature crochet camper/caravan project!  

I have no patterns.. I’m freestyling!  

Hope you are all having nice week too! Wish me luck, seems like I’m going to have my second baby next week😀



30 thoughts on “My week in pictures 2

  1. Excited to meet your new baby. I’m a fairly new follower but I must say you have AMAZING talent. Upto now I’ve avoided crotchet but I’m going to give it a try because of you. Love n best wishes to you n your family for next week, eeeeeeeek xx

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  2. Good luck, hope everything goes smoothly and you would be back soon on your blogs. Enjoy each minute with the little one to be. Just working on crocheting some booties… One look bigger than the other one – I think I did one row too many: grrrr will have to undo it. See you soon.

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      1. We just had our first night at home, and it went smooth☺️I wish it could stay like that! I have my mum and hubby at home so I get to nap whenever I need❤️I’m very lucky girl! Sending you hugs❤️xxx

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