DIY wooden pallets projects!

Garden pallet furniture set and bar were definitely my biggest project so far! As summer is approaching slowly… and my blog have gained over 1000 extra followers (yay👏thank you!) since then I am putting this post to hopefully inspire some of you to give it a go☺️  DIY pallets seating set  – cushions were handmade too☺️  DIY sign – made it from leftovers☺️

 DIY bar and stools – making process 
and one more.. DIY cube shelves    
 Would love to know if you ever attempted pallet DIY? Or do plan to do so?

Have a lovely weekend!

new DIY on its way…



33 thoughts on “DIY wooden pallets projects!

  1. Oh how creative and fun! Fantastic DIY project, I’ve never worked with pallets but could be trying it this summer after reading this. Very cool 😎

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  2. Wow now that is stunning, reminds me of boats and the sea. You’ve done such a good job I’d of thought a professional crafts man had done it. Love it xx

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  3. I love pallets because they’re free! 🙂 And wood, I like wood too. I plan on making raised garden beds with some this year and will also be dissembling many for the individual pieces for rustic looking projects. They also make fabulous, temporary dog fencing!

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