DIY Reese’s 3 ingredients 

oops.. I did it again! DIY Twix bar has been the most popular post on my blog so far! 111 bloggers liked it.. So I felt like I need to keep you inspired to make unhealthy treats😆 while the homemade Twix bars lasted around a day in my house, Reese’s disappeared from the plate within 3 hours! (blame my hubby!😂)


melt chocolate in metal bow
mix peanut butter with icing sugar
put them away in cold place (fridge is good idea) for about an hour
and voilà…

Bon Appetite!

Have a lovely weekend 

I’m heading to A Fabulous Market (in Dublin’s George Bar) tomorrow to promote our little Cute Kitsch business, wish me luck!

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32 thoughts on “DIY Reese’s 3 ingredients 

  1. I had to buy Reeses because of you (I was at work and couldn’t make any at the time). I hope you’re happy 😛
    Also, I’ve always wondered how to get the PB to the right consistency. Thank you for enlightening me.

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    1. Oops☺️haha! That’s actually a compliment😀
      Peanut butter consistency won’t change much while adding icing sugar, it’ll become less sticky actually.. And will let you form easier with fingers If you are very sweet tooth mix 2 large spoons of sugar with every 4 of PB, or less☺️x
      ️️hugs! Kasia

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  2. Shame be upon you for these yummy treats! 🙂 But I am a like minded person and love goodies.

    I know homemade is soooo much better than store bought.

    Thanks for the recipe!


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