Etsy shopping HAUL

I have posted handmade jewellry haul and it was super popular! If you haven’t seen it its HERE I’ve purchased lots of soutache earrings, some of you never heard of soutache before and I’m delighted you got to learn something new of this blog! I’ve kept only one pair of earring to myslef, the rest was gifted to my friends and family❤️#sharingIScaring

I got two cool prints from Lovely Posters, here is their Etsy Shop! They are now decorating my new business office, I talked about it HERE  
 The second pic is also featuring wooden banner I got from Things We Left Behind, their beautiful wooden banners can be found HERE, ‘Boys will be Boys’ will soon hang on the feature wall in my kiddies room!

 As the room is going to be black, yellow, grey and white I couldn’t resist this perfectly matching dreamcatcher from Mancelina, check out the shop for handmade beauties HERE I was looking for freestanding wooden names for boys room a long time and found this from DesChosesEnBois in France, It’s perfect! only got Leon for now as we can’t make our mind on the second bundle of joy name😆 not sure either to leave it plain or paint?  Lastly.. I asked my sister to pick something for herself and she went for this beautiful studs from Mica Peet UK based, their shop on Etsy CLICK HERE  

I am super happy with all my purchases, I truly LOVE handmade and I always support crafters and artists whenever I can!❤️ 

I’ve recently visited couple of craft markets and my handmade jewellery collection got bigger, so I am definitely going to post about that too!

Big thanks to ETSY for a gift card I was given to purchase all this amazing makes!

Please link your Etsy shops (if you have one) down below I would love to have a peek❤️ 

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