DIY cress in egg shells EASTER 

Here is a little reminder that EASTER is approaching! Don’t forget to seed your cress, as it takes around 5 days to grow. I’ve planted mine in egg shells for centrepiece decoration, but I’ll seed more as I love adding cress to my egg mayo sandwiches😋

-egg shells need to be well flushed with water to get rid of any remaining egg

-for the lining you can use just ordinary cotton wool, or felting wool as I did☺️


add a bit of water , and don’t forget to water it everyday!
just wanted to show the cute needle felted bunny brooch I got at crafts market yestarday☺️

I’ve attempted another EASTER diy over the weekend but it was a huge FAIL.. Trying to make your own chocolate eggs is a lot more complicated than I could ever imagine😆

Chat soon!




12 thoughts on “DIY cress in egg shells EASTER 

  1. What a cute and practical craft! When I use eggshells as a side dressing to my vegetables, I give them a wash like you do and then I put them on a baking tray and bake at 350F for a couple minutes just to sterilize the shells. This makes them likely to crumble though so you could boil them after cracking them just to make extra sure there is no trace of egg germ hanging around. I’m definitely going to try this, I love an egg and cress sandwich!

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