DIY twisted ribbon flower + Q&A

Feeling bright and colourful today!🌈 All you need to make twisted ribbon flower is a satin ribbon (app. 1.5cm-2cm wide, that’s 0.7″) and glue gun. To make one medium size flower I used 60cm/24″ of ribbon.  



keep twisting and glueing all the way to the end
To make the headbands glue flowers together, attach elastic and finish off with some felt lining.

super easy DIY but gives endless fun, can make a lovely brooch don’t you think?☺️

I’m happily approaching 1000 followers here on WordPress 👏 eek!😀 and would love to do Q&A for you, answer any questions you may have, crafty or not crafty.. I often get asked where I buy my supplies, how I started blogging etc and would be great to gather it all in one post! So if you may have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below☺️

Thank you❤️

Happy Crafing



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14 thoughts on “DIY twisted ribbon flower + Q&A

      1. I will definitely have to try some of these ribbon flowers when I’m making hats, they would make such a nice touch and give it a different texture than yarn =) Thanks! And I’m fairly new to crochet, I prefer knit but if you ever need help or want tips/advice, feel free to ask!

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