DIY Twix bar! 3 ingredients 

Please don’t hate me for doing this!😂 I know it’ll instantly make you starve for Twix! Don’t buy it.. The homemade one is so so so much better! I swear. Oh and it’s international women’s day so you are allowed to have as many as you want😂 saying this I had one small piece only but diabetes sets rules here…:(



  • Shortbread biscuits 
  • Chocolate 
  • Fudge or soft toffees sweets

 -put the chocolate (I used 2 bars of Cadbury) into metal bowl and place it over a pot with hot water to melt   -place fudge in the bowl and heat in the microvawe for around 30 seconds (750w) then form into one big lump

  -roll small lumps of fudge and place on the top of each biscuit  -facing fudge side down dip each into melted chocolate

  -take it out using a spoon and give it a good tap (tapping spoon few times over the bowl)  -place them on grease proof paper and let cool for at least 30 minutes to set the chocolate (no need to put into fridge)

Now… Your kids, your friends and family will love you forever!

Don’t need to thank me!



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78 thoughts on “DIY Twix bar! 3 ingredients 

  1. Oh Thank God, i thought this was going to be some raw recipe telling me that Medjoul dates can pass for caramel (they are nice but I’m not fooled!). This looks excellent. Thank you. I bought an 8 pack of Twix today but I will try these some day.

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      1. I had to share this fabulous remake. Our daughter’s favorite candy bar and you just made it a thousand times better! Thank You for sharing!

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  2. These look really good and really easy. What brand of shortbread did you use? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the sticks here in the grocery stores. I don’t normally buy it because the recipe we use is so rich I always considered shortbread as a once a year overindulgence.

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    1. I used Tesco ones, they are everywhere here in Ireland:) and I agree they are a proper treat themselves not to mention the chocolate and fudge… Loosely estimated homemade Twix bar is around 1000kcal!😆


  3. Oh great! I love twix bars.yes I must thank you! Lol. And thankyou for the like on my georgiosite about the online business blog. I have another site It’s a craft site. Hope you’ll stop by. I like your site! Thankyou thankyou thankyou . I am definitely makng these!

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  4. Oooh these look so good and much better than a twix! I like to bite off both ends and then suck my drink usually tea through like a straw, the toffee and chocolate melt and the biscuit softens then eat 😊 it’s messy but yummy x

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